A magic week……

Vackert rött äpple 2014

Still warm and beautiful in Skåne and last week was kind of amazing!!!

It started last weekend when we did go to Kivik to look at this big apple painting by Emma Karp. I really did love the picture with the beautiful flowers, and I got reminded of my important projects to come….

Äppeltvalan 2014 1

The next magic moment was on thursday the 8:th of October. First I did work in Denmark, and then I took the train to Lund and the bus to Sjöbo to listen to one of my absolute favourite authors. He´s name is Björn Ranelid. He was in Sjöbo to talk about his new book with the beautiful name: ”Kärleken och de sista människorna på jorden”.

It was great to listen and to meet Björn as usual. In Sjöbo this evening he was in his greates mood, and he gave so much of himself to us that was listening to him. Björn can get his audience to laugh and to cry, in only some minutes. I did enjoy the evening very much. He is an amazing man and author. This picture of Björn and his wife Margareta Ranelid did I take in Brantevik this summer. You can read more about that time hereBjörn i centrum

Thanks also Björn for your kind words.  I will always carry them with me in my heart, and hopefully that will lead to some great things in the future…

Some other great things. On friday the 9:th of October the Nobel Peace prize went to Malala Yousafzai and to Kailash Satyarthi. It´s so wonderful and I think it was the best choises ever. Congratulations to both of you!!!

rosa ros 2I also want to say congratulations to Marisa and Jesse and to Michelle and Ed for beeing parents and grandparents again, and this time to a little girl with the beautiful name Alexa Rose. The little girl was born in August and I did recieve a card with some photos of her and her brother Matthew.

What a magic week!!!

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