It´s so beautiful in Copenhagen in September!

I just love to take the train from Malmö to Copenhagen. The train ride from Hyllie to Copenhagen central station takes only 27 minutes, and it´s amazing how much the Øresundbridge has ment for us people in Sweden and in Denmark. We are so much closer.

When you live in South of Skåne like we do, you get very used to travelling over the bridge with car, or train. I personally love to take the train, and sometimes I get to meet good friends in Copenhagen. <3

I think the most most beautiful time to take the train to Copenhagen is a right now with all the fall colours.

This photo and the photo on top, is from the Botanic gardens close to Nørreport station. The photo below is taken at Nyhavn harbour, another favourite place of mine.

I love to walk around at the harbour, and look at all amazingly old and beautiful houses and ship, and I always try to walk to the the white house at Nyhavn 67, below on the right, where the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen lived, and sometimes I even take a cup of coffee at the H.C. Andersen café.







I think it´s so lovley to walk around in Nyhavn, and it´so Beautiful in Copenhagen in September.









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