Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen and Nyhavn <3

Nyhavn höst 2014

I was walking around in Copenhagen some days ago. That was really great. As Always when I´m in Copenhagen I made a walk to Nyhavn, I just love Nyhavn.

All the colours on the houses where so bright and the beautiful autumn leaves made it even pettier. It was a special feeling walking around and it made me think about how short life is and that we should try appreciate every day….

Nyhavn höst 2014 2

Life is not always easy, it´s many ups and downs. Many times we forget about all the beautiful things we already have around us. But we should not take anything for granted. I was also thinking about how important it is to show feelings and to live a life with passion.

If we live our lives with more passion then we also feel more alive. When we feel more alive we also take better care of each other and of nature, and that also makes us happier…

Nyhavn 1

Yes, this was what I was thinking about when I was walking around in Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen and Nyhavn <3

Nyhavn höstbild

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