When The United Nations did visit Sweden and beautiful Österlen!

Some interesting and positive things has happend lately. I was impressed with all the young people, that made progress when it came to fighting for new gun laws, in USA, after the mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, and I did write  about it here and here in my blog.

It has also been a very interesting international meeting here in Skåne, and Österlen. The United Nations Security Council had an important meeting here at Backåkra. the private estate of Dag Hammarskjöld, the late Swedish diplomat and the UN’s second Secretary-General.

This meeting was very unique, since it was the first time to hold their annual retreat meeting outside USA, and they did choose Österlen, one of the most beautiful places here in Sweden I think…

The meeting was held during the past weekend, and I was happy to hear that they actually did some progress, in some important questions. You can read more about it here. and here.

This weekend was also sad, when our famous swedish popular EDM-Dj producer Tim Bergling, more known as Avicii died just 28 years old in Muscat Oman. Thank you for so much great Music Avicii!!!

Today it´s also a very important day, it is the 23:rd of April, and today it is exactly two years since my dear dad passed away. I am thinking so much about you today dad, and thank you for everything. Miss you so much!!!

Love Maria 23:rd of April 2018

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