America, it´s wake up time, stop the shootings now!

It is a really sad day. Yesterday was supposed to be a wonderful day, and it was supposed to be a day with much love, because it was Valentines day. Many parents where waiting for their children to come home after a day in High school.

Instead we did get the news of another school shooting in USA, already the 18:th this year, and 2018 year has just began. It has happend again, and many children didn´t  get home yesterday…

Every child is so important, and our children have to stay safe in their schools, but America has failed here…

In the American schools no child or teacher can longer feel safe…

Thers are many young people out there thinking today, when will the next school shooting take place and where? Will it be in my school???

So please America, it is Wake up time! Change the gun laws and let school children and teachers feel safe in their schools.

Stop the shootings now!!!

My thoughts today goes to the children, teachers and their families at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where 17 people got killed yesterday…

Photo of my girl some years ago with the Peace symbol ”Non – Violence” made by my friend, the great artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, who died in 2016. There are many of his peace symbols in the World. The most famous one are standing  in New York at the United headquarters.

Maria von Schantz 15:th of February 2018

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