The millennials are changing the world, and making it better!

I am a mother of two millennials, that´s to say, kids born around the millennium shift. When my children where growing up, the whole digital development almost exploded, and thats why this generation sometimes are called ”millennial teenagers”, or ”digital natives”. For most of them, the digital world, and the internet is just a natural thing. This is a good article, from the web portal Big Think about what I am talking about.

The new technology has not only been negative. It has also been very positive. I am very impressed with the millennial generation, and about how much they know about almost everything in the world today. Here is Another good article about millennials written at the student voices blog, by Eli, an american student at Milton Hershey School. Yes if you read articles on the internet, you can see many areas today where millennials are making big and positive changes.

My own children are good examples on this, and such experts when it comes to music and  technology, and they are tolerant when it comes to differences. They accept that the world today are changing quickley, and  they are the direct change in the world, like a natural force of love…A big example right now when it comes to millennials that are making change, are the very brave american students in Parkland Florida that now are taking actions, and leading students Nationwide, to fight for tighter gun contral laws, and for their lives.

I am thinking about David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky and many many more… Here is a great article about David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez and how they are making big changes in USA.

Just days after the mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, many of the students had already taken lots of actions, activities and been speaking in national TV, and other public places about their fight

It is wonderful to listen to them,  speaking from their hearts, and to see their passion…

When so many of their friends and teachers got killed and injured by a mass shooter, they will not miss their big chance, to get their voices heard and to make a big change.

They really are the change we have been looking for, and by lunchtime on sunday , after the shooting, they had already announced plans for many actions. One big action is on the 14th of March, and next big action is called ”March for our Lives rally” and it will take place in Washington DC and cities Nationwide on March 24th.

Here can you read more about all the great things they have done so far. It is really impressing!!!

Yes it´s time for a big change in the World! It´s time for the millennials, and less violence. Good luck to all of you! I know in my heart that you will succed, and that the adults will listen to what you have to say…

Above, the Non-Violence symbol, made by my friend the artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. This symbol has come to be a very well known peace symbol in the World.

Also listen here to our girl Emelie singing our song ” Peace in the World”, on the International Day of Peace  21 of September 2014 on Youtube.


Text by Maria von Schantz 14 of March 2018

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