A lovely day in Copenhagen…

I took the train to Østerport station in Copenhagen on Friday. Friday was a special day and night for culture. For more than 20 years there has been an event called Culture Night Copenhagen, and it always starts when the schools begin their fall holidays…

First I went to the Swedish Church ”Gustafskyrkan”, that you can see in the background on the photo above. I was so nice, and I took a cup of coffee at their swedish café. I also saw this painting by one of my favourite artists, the former swedish Prince and landscape painter Prince Eugen, and I loved it. It actually reminded me of our house, with the big apple tree in front of the house.

Prince Eugens painting, called ”Örberga prästgård” above, and our house below.

After Gustafs Church I took a lovely walk to Langelinie, to look at the Little Mermaid – a statue of Edvard Eriksen, made by inspiration of H.C Andersen’s fairytale ”The Little Mermaid”.There was so many people there to look at the Little Mermaid statue, and I had a wonderful time in the sun. I think it’s amazing what a great inpact art and culture can have on people all over the world, and this little statue is so beautiful!

I continued my walk to the Churchill park, and on my way I saw this amazing fountain.It is called The Gefion Fountain, and it’s a large fountain on the harbour front. It features a group of animal figures being driven by the legendary Norse goddess Gefjun, and it was made by the Danish artist Anders Bundgaard.

After this historical art walk, I went to Christoffer Egelund gallery at Bredgade 75 to look at this fantastic exhibition called ”Sprout” with the japanese artist Yuichi Hirako.

Yuichi Hirako is a very modern artist, with feeling for details, and human nature, and like they say on the Christoffer Egelund Gallerys homepage: ”Yuichi Hirako’s universe is a world of hybrids, where figures alternate between human state and growing plant”I did talk to Yuichi and he told me that people today have lost a lot ot the natural contact with nature, and that everybody, like himself has their special sight about what nature really is…         Yuichi Hirako himself, at Christoffer Egelund gallery in Copenhagen on friday night           

                                             A Lovely day in Copenhagen <3

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