Hope will always grow in a crise <3

It´s Corona panic in the world right now, as we all know. But in mostly all crisies there also grow some hope. People are finding new ways to be creative just like these Italians singing from their balconies and  applauding their medical staff that are fighting the coronavirus.


<3 I think this shows the best side of humanity in a crise <3

Countries like Denmark, Italy, USA and Norway are closing their boarders, and more countries will follow. It is a really hard situation but like in all crises there is a light. A light that bring people together. Also here in Sweden a lot of things are different right now. But at the same time, so much positive things also are happening, and people start to care more about eachother in hard times. I hope these good side effects of the Corona crise will stay and that the Corona virus soon will go away from alla the countries <3

I hope you all will take care, and enjoy the sunshine this weekend. Love  Maria


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