Greta Thunberg is making history in New York!


I am very impressed by Greta Thunberg, our 16 year swedish climateactivist and daughter of Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg. I have written about Greta before here in my blog

Greta is an Amazing Young woman who stands up for the climate and the young people in an extraordinary way, and so many people have now joined her climate actions around the world. The photo is from the schoolstrike in New York City 21:th of September.

Today the 23:rd of September did Greta hold a fantastic speach to the world leaders at the United Nations Climate Action meeting in New York. A speach that I am sure will go to history…


Greta, what you are doing is amazing and I am sure you will get the Nobel Peace Prize! With love Maria

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  1. Susan skriver:

    I agree with you and I think Creta Thunberg is amazing! We really need more people like her out there! I also love to read your blogposts. Thank you!

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