Dear summer, where are you?


Here around where I live in Skåne, it has been some really cold and windy weather for the season, and now we are all waiting for some good and warm Days. Actually we are almost in July and where is summer???

So dear summer if you read this, promise you soon will come to us, we miss you so much. I am really starting to long for a nice and beautiful summer days.

My own teenagers have started their summer break already two weeks ago, and they like it a lot, but of course they would like it even more with some sunny and warm weather, yes like we had last year on the beautiful summer of 2014…

Brantervik klippor havet

Fiskarstugor Brantevik

Borrby strand med vs

Our area have so much to offer the summer, so now it´s time for the real summer to come!

Dear summer where are you?

Brantervik klippor havetI ystad


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