A beautiful afternoon at the beach…

What I love most in the summer, is to go the beach with my family. Here where we live in Skåne there are numerous of nice beaches around. Some of them are very beautiful and they attracts many tourists.

I like to go there in the late afternoon, when most of the tourists are gone, just to have a picnic and to play with my children in the water.

There is never such a relaxing time I think, like when you are having a picnic and sometimes reading a great book. I just love that! It´s also fun to watch the children when they play in the water, and it´s nice to bring someting good to eat and drink.

My children are very interested in playing tennis, and they often take the time to practice running on the beach.

Sometimes they fall down, but it is only to get back up again…

When you run on a beach that is really good exercise, and also a lot of fun.         


I love summer!


We did really have a beautiful afternoon at the beach!


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