I love coffee, fresh fruit, olives and the sun <3

It´s actually been a while since I wrote, and a lot of things has happen. Time runs so quickly, and sometimes it almost goes to fast. We have been doing some travelling, and that has been very nice.<3 The photo of the sunset is taken in the lovely fishing village of Pedregalejo in the very south of Spain. I just love beautiful sunsets.When I am on vacation, one of the best things I know is to get a cup of coffee with my husband in a sunny place, with my sunglasses close by, that is a good start, on a beautiful relaxing day… To go to the beach, just to take a walk, and to talk are so relaxing and wonderful. In the evenings there are nothing more romantic then to have dinner in the sunset. At this place we did celebrate Valentines Day in advance…<3

There are so many other fun things to do in some sunny days. l I can never get enough of the blue sky and the sun, especially after some really cold days back home. I also love to go to the market, and to meet with the nice marketmen and women, and to by some fresh fruit and olives, Those photos are from the wonderful marketplace Atarazanas.

It´s kind of amazing how big the olives are in Spain, and the strawberries are so great.I love the taste of strawberries, and their beautiful red colour. For me strawberries symbolizes love, and I love coffee, fresh fruit, olives and the sun <3

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