Take a Jump For a Better World…..

Take a jump for a better worldNow i´ts spring in Sweden, and that feels great! For me spring is always a time for a lot of thinking and reflection about life and future, and I just Love when the threes are  getting green!knoppar brister

I am a person that is in love with nature <3 and it is from nature I get the most inspiration to my music making and to my work.

So this time a year I am Always looking forward to take new steps and new jumps… And then see where I will be landing…

WE only live once and we have to take care of our precious time at Earth<3

E matar fåglar i TomelillaFor me that means to continue to work for questions concerning Children.

Children around the world have the same needs. I enjoy working for and with them for helping to create a better World and a better future….

Vårstuds Emelie vs

”Take a Jump for a Better Word” – quotes Maria von Schantz




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