Ray Clark is an amazing man….

Porträtt 300dpiMe and my husband Carl Olof have a very good friend and his name is Ray Clark. Carl Olof first learned to know Ray and his wife Lena when they where playing in a band called ”Just In Time”.

For many years Ray and my husband did play Country Music together, and we have great memories of some wonderful times with the band and with our friendship over the years.

When my husband and I did get married in 1994, Ray did sing and play guitar so beautifully at our wedding party, and that made our party to an sucesss. That was just such a wonderful thing to do, and we still are so greatful.

The friendship with Ray and Lena Clark is very precious for us, and Ray is also someone who we look very much up to in our lives. He is a great role model. He cares for his friends and family and he speaks from his heart. He always tries to to his very best also for others.

Ray who originally comes from USA, is also an former athlete and he has taken several gold medals in World Championships and the Paraolympics. He has also been fighting against an agressive cancer now for many years and that has been so very very hard and painful for him.

Because Ray has such amazing fighting power and extremely strong will to be better, he will now go through an difficult surgeon on the 20:th of November. So with this blogpost Carl Olof and I want to send some extra strenght and love to Ray and his family.

Greetings from Maria and Carl Olof

Porträtt 300dpi



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