Beautiful weekend in Skåne…


This has been a really beautiful weekend here in Skåne. We did have Kajsa here for a visit and that is always very nice.

It has been loveley spring weather here the last 3-4 days, and the sun is shining beautifully. We did take some trips out in the landscape here called Österlen.

We did look at some houses and nice areas, and we did  also see some loveley Highland cattle cows with a cute little calf. How wonderful!

The weekend was perfect also for some really good food and candy.

We did drive to Skåne Tranås to buy some chocolate, and it tasted great!!

Loveley, I just love chocolate…

Handmade chocolate is really the best!!

We did also buy som really good fish at Buhres fisk in Kivik…

This has really been a beautiful weekend in Skåne….


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